RESUMEN: The most optimistic projections of the Sinú parakeet (Pyrrhura subandina) population consider that there are between 15 and 49 specimens, in the Sinú river basin in Colombia. This bird, endemic to Colombia, is on the verge of extinction due to anthropogenic causes: (i) Deforestation of habitats for farming and illegal mining activities. (ii) Traffic, consumption and illegal hunting. The Fuverde Corporation has assembled a technical table to recover this small bird, composed of: representatives of the Zenú indigenous community (cohabitant with our parakeet), CARSUCRE, Unisucre, IUCN, WWF and the Fuverde Corporation. We have proposed 3 strategies to guarantee the conservation of this species: (i) Declaration of 1600 hectares as a protected natural area in ecological corridors of the target species. (ii) Wild artificial nests, without human intervention, so that our parakeet does not get used to humans. (iii) Tracking, reporting and dismantling of illegal trafficking outbreaks in the Sinú river basin. In this plan, we present our strategies with 4 components (i) Educational: training for the indigenous community. (ii) Conservation: protection and restoration of habitats of the species. (iii) Sustainability: Creation of the biodiversity secretariat in the Zenú indigenous reservation, whose corporate purpose is the conservation of this bird. (iv) Communication: Inform the national and international conservation community about the project to stimulate conservation in the area. (v) Monitoring: Tracking of ecological corridors of the target species, threats and evolution of populations

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