Integral strategy for the conservation of biodiversity of La Mojana, Sucre.

With the present proposal, the execution of four environmental programs is sought in the municipalities of Caimito, San Benito Abad, La Union, Majagual, San Marcos, Sucre and Guaranda, whose objective is the protection of biodiversity in La Mojana, Colombia. The investment of the project was US $ 9,080

  • The first program is an environmental education plan, with the inhabitants of the region.
  • The second program is the implementation of the conservation plans, which, consequently, with the education plan received, the communities will apply the knowledge received in the application of afforestation processes, dikes, reforestation, among other activities.
  • The third program consists in the implementation of a communication plan through the design of a mobile application, with interactive content to massify the information to the whole region and the country, promoting ecotourism and the replication of environmental initiatives.
  • Fourth program is the implementation of a semi-private corporation that integrates the community with public, private and educational entities, generating spaces for scalability, sustainability and replication in the region, so that the implementation of policies and initiatives is perpetuated environmental projects in favor of the Mojana region.

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